Weak Signal, Live Down In A Valley, Found A Solution!

Thank you for all of your help in picking out a cell phone signal system for our home. It works great. We had only one bar in the house and had to go outside for the cell phones to work. Now we have four/five bars inside and our children are happy visiting with others via their cell phones.

Your system works just like you said it would. The package arrived in tip top shape the next day! The line drawing that was included with our documents was a great help in visualizing where I was going to install each part.

After I set it up, plugged the amp in and turned our phones back on the end result was unbelievable! Our signal is now better inside than it is outside!

We had a terrain issue which didn’t help with picking up cell signals which in turn prevented us from using our cell phones in our home, but not anymore thanks to you and your great products. I am recommending your company to neighbors and friends alike.

One Happy Customer,
James T.
Midlothian Texas